Visually Impaired

A visual impairment is defined as a disorder in the structure and function of the eye that, even with the best correction and treatment, interferes with a student’s ability to function in an educational setting. The degree of visual ability is different among visually impaired students. Partially sighted students (acuity of at least 20/70 with correction) are those who after the best possible adjustments, use their remaining vision for learning. Blind students have no useful vision and rely on tactile or auditory senses for learning. Both groups of students require the use of special materials and/or equipment such as large print, Braille and tape recorders.

Free national library of Braille and audio materials for the blind and physically handicapped., a national, non-profit organization which disseminates information about many diseases which cause blindness, and raises funding to drive research to cure these diseases.

American Foundation for the Blind's Braille Bug, a fun site for kids with visual impairments, and for other kids to learn about visual impairments and Braille.